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Five programs may be downloaded from this site: TouchStone , Trinculo , Speed, Feste , and Lavache.

TouchStone is one of a group of three programs that relate broadly to composition; it is itself a proving program. The others are Feste, which may be described as a composition workbench, and Lavache, which is a composition generator. The three are linked by the use of a common library of ringing methods and a common notation for calling (Feste and Lavache both use one of the three notations that are available in TouchStone). Additionally, Feste and Lavache use a common visual interface.

The provision of a library of place notations is a problem that has to be addressed; the CC Methods Library is not usable directly since, inevitably, some mark up of the notation is needed to implement the features of these programs.

At first it seemed natural to develop a library as need arose, and indeed very many method notations were accumulated over a period of time. This was, however, not a satisfactory way to proceed, and what has been developed is the Trinculo program. This requires the user to have downloaded as much of the CC Library as may be required (the totality of present methods runs to a file of some 2.4Mb and one may have them all comfortably enough) and Trinculo then gives instant access to whichever method notation is needed; it provides a blue line for good measure, but the principal purpose of the program is to generate a place notation file that can be used by TouchStone, Feste, and Lavache. It is simplest to keep just a small library of standard eight and other commonly rung methods (distributed with TouchStone), and to generate other methods as needed. This really takes no time at all, and it is the best way to avoid error.

It would be a simple matter to extend Trinculo to provide formats for other ringing software.

Speed is entirely different. It is a dynamical simulator for the motion of an 'ideal' bell, and allows one to assess the suitability of different clappers by varying the mechanical parameters.

There is no charge for downloading these programs, but it is hoped that any who avail themselves of them will make a contribution to a BRF of their choice in the suggested terms once they are satisfied that a program runs on their machine. Hopefully the programs will run on all 32 bit machines with a Windows type operating system but there are unresolved problems with WindowsXP. Files are in zip format; double click on the icon to initiate unzipping. (If unfamiliar with file extraction or running XP, see the notes in the News page.)

The author can be reached at the address below, and will always be happy to answer queries and take note of suggestions.


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