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Feste v4.4

Feste is a composition workbench for methods with a single hunt bell. It is has been extended to allow for interludes in which the back bells are out of course; this is taking over an idea that was introduced into Lavache. The program is, strictly speaking, undefined for Minor though it does work. The author has never concerned himself with what is going on at this stage.

It should be made clear straight away that this program does not do any composing itself. It supplements the pencil and paper of hand composition, and with the guarantee that falseness will not arise. By the same token, it is not a composition proving program. This may seem contradictory, but it is the way the program is structured.

For each method in the composition, a 'tableau' is formed for each coursing order and each lead. Each lead is represented by a different colour, so the situation for stage 16 can indeed be quite colourful. Leads to be rung are selected in hash yellow (as here but lost in reproduction, or yellow in certain circumstances) and leads false against those selected will then appear in gray - and cannot be selected themselves . What is illustrated above is 1280 Spliced Bristol and London Surprise Royal (the last lead - of Bristol - has been removed so that the atw feature, described below, is in evidence).

In spliced compositions where methods have a common lead end order, one may attempt to ring more than one for a particular lead. So long as gray does not intervene, one is assured that the method rung in that particular lead may be chosen freely from those considered.

One may rearrange the rows and columns of the tableau. Thus, for a three part on 456 one may have the parts in adjacent columns.

A count is provided of the frequency of occurence of chosen change patterns.

One may set yellow by giving the TouchStone calling for any amount of the tableau, starting at a preassigned point. This is necessary since it would be tedious to have to give every lead separately once a portion of the composition has been provisionally settled. The graphic above was filled in by an appropriate insertion in the Work, Calling, and Notation windows shown minimised, and not one lead at a time.

An 'all the work' indicator may be set (as illustrated here, though it is less likely to be used for a quarter peal; 2 is ringing all the Bristol work, 3 and 4 each miss a lead).

The material to be downloaded is in zip format. Click on the icon to initiate unzipping. You will be asked where to place the unzipped material; most simply, prepare a folder

c:\My Documents\jrt

for this purpose. There is a single folder feste and a ReadMe text file. Click here to download Feste. The suggested BRF donation is 15.

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