Errors will be investigated if reported to will be considered for any of these programs.

File extraction

Double clicking the WinZip icon will open the application for the downloaded files. Click the Extract button to open the extract dialog box. Enter the target folder name eg c:\My Documents\jrt , select All files, and check Use folder names. Then click the dialog extract button.

This will ensure that files are extracted with the required directory structure.

Windows XP

WindowsXP seems to do things differently - in my limited experience of this system. It does not recover the structure correctly nor does it allow one to see what the structure should be. And it conceals file extensions. (Maybe these 'improvements' can be circumvented.) Applications do not run correctly though it is the 'front-end' code, using standard platform components, that seems to give problems and not the 'back-end' code written by me. I should be happy to correspond with anyone wishing to explore this system.


The method library for Trinculo is correct to 17 May 2007.

Doubles v1.2

A comparatively simple program for Doubles and Minor methods - updating an old Windows IDE program - is available on request. It is primarily written for developing Doubles 240s with various calls.


20 May 2007

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