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Trinculo v3.4

Trinculo is a facility for accessing method place notations in the CC Collection.

The CC Collection is at present held as text for access by browser. While this does provide access to the necessary information on any method, it is far from being convenient. With the massive availabiltiy of disc space on modern PCs, it is a simple matter to keep a copy of the Collection and update it from time to time.

For Trinculo, it is natural to aggregate the Collection into a single file (of about 2.4Mb) rather than to keep different classes and stages of method in different files. The files are available in zipped form from the CC collection at , but they unzip to 39 text files that must then be aggregated; for this reason, a zipped collection of all the methods in a single file may be downloaded from this site. (This is permitted by the terms of the CC copyright - being a direct concatenation of the several place notation files with no editing - but it may be passed to a third party only if the CC copyright requirements are complied with.) The file will be updated at the May bank holiday each year.

The user indicates the collection file in the dialog box and uses drop down listboxes to indicate the stage and class of the method sought. Additionally, there are pre- and post-Class qualifiers that are chosen from drop down menus. (The postClass qualifiers 'principles' and 'differentials' could have been incorporated into the Class list, but the chosen arrangement is consistent with the CC Collection format.) To initiate a search, the user enters a search string eg 'cam', and clicks the Search button. Searches may be made on place notation.

When the program is first run it constructs an index for the collection; this takes about 30 seconds on a 1GHz machine. Method searches thereafter are effectively instantaneous; the indexation will be repeated only if the collection is changed.

The 'Show' format is chosen from a drop down listbox; the 'standard' format has the appearance of the printed Collection.

Additionally, one may opt for 'blue line' or 'TouchStone' format. The latter gives a representation that may be saved to a named file after any necessary markup - for example to change the bob from 14 to 16, or to indicate a splinter position (see TouchStone).

The material to be downloaded is in zip format. Click on the icon to initiate unzipping. You will be asked where to place the unzipped material; most simply, prepare a folder

c:\My Documents\jrt

for this purpose. There is a single folder trinculo, and a ReadMe text file. Click here to download Trinculo. The suggested BRF donation is 10 (5 if taken with TouchStone).

The CC Collection is available as a single file with a Trinculo index.; there is a single folder cc_lib. Click here to download the Collection.

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